A prayer for Egypt and for the rest of the world

I cry over political rallies. Remember the day when we wanted to impeach Erap, the day when they were supposed to open the “letter” at court, the day when we had EDSA 2. I was at school. We were debating. I cried, my other friend was crying too, over Erap that is.

I’m supposed to be reading my ACLS book right now because in three weeks I’d be acting like Dr. Emad Gharib in a mock scenario and I’d like my “patient” to live, but while I was going thru my dashboard in Tumblr, I saw this picture and I cried.

Not the cry cry thing, you know that stuff when you realize that “OMG, these people are fighting for their rights and they are united.” thing, tears just roll down your cheeks. These Egyptians are brave people much like the ones who were present in EDSA, EDSA2 and the rallies in Tunisia. These people are the people I can never be. I can be the one praying for them, offering novena masses but going on the street, facing military tanks, shouting out loud to those presidents to step down, I can never be one of them. I’m afraid of my safety. What if I die in those rallies? But you see, they don’t mind. As long as they get back their freedom, they don’t mind. As long as their enemy will step down, they don’t mind.

I salute this kid.:D

You see this kid? I can never hold a poster like that. The most I can do is pray and blog about it and hopefully someone reads it and would be brave enough to go and join a rally.

Today, I pray for Egypt, I heard they restored the internet. I pray for these people that they may find peace (please don’t bomb the pyramids) and those who died that their death would be a benefit to most of them and to Mr. Mubarak to lighten up. Mga taenang presidente to, anu bang meron sa “power” at gigil na gigil kayo ayaw niyong bitawan?

And lastly I pray for our soldiers who keep on protecting us despite being away from their families. *bucket of tears.I don’t know why these pictures make me cry, maybe because my grandpa was a World War2 veteran or that my dad wanted to go to EDSA a few days before I was born or maybe because my brother wanted to do the same exact thing soldiers are supposed to do, restore peace and protect the country.*

I hope tomorrow if I ask Dr.Emad, “How’s Egypt?” He would reply, “Kuayyis, Hamdulillah!” I don’t want to hear, “Worse than ever.” again.

In other news, I pray for Queensland, Australia. This is why we need to do something and start loving our Earth. Climate change, global warming, we are the ones who suffer. Mother earth can live without us, but we cannot live without our mother earth.

Just Me. For Now.