When Facebook is starting to be like Friendster

Signs that Facebook is starting to be like Friendster:

  1. Your friends “like” their own status.
  2. Your friends ask you to “like” their status.
  3. Worse: They beg you to like their status.
  4. Worst: They send you a message in the chat box or in your inbox and beg you to like their status.
  5. Your friends says “Thanks!” for liking their status.
  6. Worse: Your friends say “Thanks” to everyone in every comment box for liking their status. So if there are like 20 comments, you’ll get to read 20 comments/reply on those comments.
  7. Worst: Your friends say this when you are at work, “Mag-comment ka sa status ko ha.” GaaaD pathetic.
  8. Your friends comments on or like every wall post you make.
  9. Your friends change their name into some I-wish-my-parents-gave-me-this-name name. So now, who the heck si Somerset and that Chinese name?
  10. You receive a friend request. You have 199 mutual friends and you don’t even know or even met this person.
  11. You receive requests from all the games ending in -VILLE.
  12. Worse: You receive it every day.
  13. You see bitch wars going on.
  14. You see psychopath gf’s commenting on your guy friend’s every wall post.
  15. You can’t delete these friends, because well, they are your friends.

In other news…

I dreamed of Jensen Ackles, he came by the house and he wanted some mangoes.lol and he kissed all my girl friends in the cheek.wahahha Langya kau! Kau pa hinalikan.hahaha This prolly means I need to watch Supernatural. Missed 3 episodes already because of this ACLS thingy.

That awkward moment when Ren can use the word EX for real. WT actual F! I miss them already, they are going out more often than I expected.

Just Me. For Now.