This is me blogging when busy

My last blog post was dated February 19, 201. It’s exactly one month today. Geez. Its been a while. Its not that I just don’t have time but sometimes the internet connection is just being a bitch. Anyway a lot has happened in the last 30 days like:

a. I passed the ACLS. Which is really one of the reasons why I’ve been on the net all the day but I can’t write at this moment because I am watching ACLS videos, surfing ACLS websites and memorizing the algorithms. It was hard and challenging but after the Megacode was over it was fulfilling and “Ah yun lang pala yun. Madali naman pala.” moment. So if you are a nurse or any other health care provider, I advice you to get an ACLS license. It’s not just another credential, you’ll learn a lot.

b. One topic I’ve been itching to blog about is about shocking the patient when there is a flat line. Not that I learned that from ACLS but I’ve known it from school. I want to blog about it and not just to brag but to inform people. You see, I work in a critical care area and once when I was in the Philippines a relative asked me, “Why are you not using the paddles?” See what the media implies when they don’t do extensive research on why we should not defibrillate the patient when the ECG tracing shows a flat line? It conveys the idea that when we shock we are helping the patient achieve a heart rate which is not. When we deliver a shock (you know that scene when they do a CPR and suddenly shouts “clear” and then gets a paddle) we are stopping the heart from beating. We deliver shocks when the heart is beating too fast such as in V-tach or V-fib (I’ll prolly explain more about it next time.) not when the heart has stopped beating which we called asystole or more commonly known as the flat line.

c. Amor, a friend of mine when home. I sent something for Con and Lala. Didn’t get much time to shop because of the ACLS. Lala sent a message today and she said she loved the dress/blouse. I don’t know if my brother gave Con’s and Tere’s stuff already but all I know is prolly the chocolates were gone in 3 days or probably less. So just the other, I bought a box. Wala lang so I get inspired to buy something and send it to them.

d. We have a new roommate and she looks like Mara. Yes the kid playing the role of Mara in the remake. I hope she gets her closet soon, kawawa naman.

e. Joi is about to leave. Mag-live out na siya with her husband which means I will miss Joi so so much. Wala na akong maiinom na juice pag naubusan And mawawalan na rin kami ng microwave.hehe Kawawa naman kami. So kelangan talaga mag-ipon para makabili kami ng bago.

f. I’m doing extra work for the hospital. It’s hard but I’m enjoying it.

g. Two days ago I was looking at the webpages of culinary arts school in the Philippines. I want to enroll badly. I miss cooking.

h. The tsunami was tragic and heartbreaking. Let us pray for Japan and the rest of the world. Libya is getting worse. I hope Gaddafi will step down soon. Let us pray for him. Just this dawn at around 2am I saw the largest crowd of youth speed driving at King Fahad road. They were holding the Saudi flag and shouting but I don’t hear them I’m inside the ICU. I was thinking its the start  of the Saudi Revolution. Bibilib na sana ako pero sabi nga ng isang journalist, “Saudi wants a reform but they are not ready for a revolution.” So until then I will keep my mouth shut and pray that they will one day have the courage to fight for their freedom like Tunisia, Egypt and how Libya is fighting right now.

i. Shane and I is turning 25. He is more excited than me. Hope it all gets well and good on the 21st.

j. The other night went to Kind Khalid Eye Specialist to watch the interhospital basketball game. It was fun cheering for team. It was fun eating chicken bbq and it was fun shouting out loud with only our abayas while its like 9 degrees. I hope I’d watch them again soon. Facundo!!!lolers yun kasi ang pinakamadaling isigaw maliban sa Varga at Tabirao! Congrats! Kahit sa semi-finals lang umabot tayo.:D

Just Me. For Now.