This Lenten Season

I lost my four years worth of data because my external hard drive is busted.

I am fasting. Literally not eating red meat plus not watching movies from my HD which means my eyes will have to rest but since there is internet I can still watch but then again I wanted to watch, (I’m actually itching to watch) the movies from Binoy’s HD.

This is a really extreme sacrifice for me or for most people who are like me, away from home, living in a Muslim populated country. Not having spare movies to watch on your spare time is….totally…not..a good idea…I am bored and about to get crazy.loljk

So earlier this afternoon I was looking through my Facebook account and saw the events in our church today. I missed it. I miss hearing mass. I wanted to go confess now. Whew! I wish Saudi could be more open like Dubai and allow Christians here, I mean allow Christian Mass here.

Father Bong during the evening mass

Immaculate Conception Parish Church Batac Ilocos Norte

Happy Easter everyone!

Just Me. For Now.


*Photos from Kuya Edibert Bareng’s FB account.:)