Ang Kwento ng Tsinelas

Matagal-tagal na akong hindi nakapagsulat ng matinong post. Sana ma-publish ito mamaya at ng malaman ng buong mundo that we a “racist” gene in all of us.

We can see racism everywhere. And I think we are all racists. Agree? Think about this when you describe this one person for being black or too white, we call them names. We call the gay community names. We call the Muslims, terrorists. We call the Indians, pana. (OMG now they know that we are calling them pana so I have to think of another name.) People call us names too, even the ones of our own race. Ilocanos are hated when they talk, people from Visayas are laughed at when they pronounce the words wrong, Aetas are still discriminated, when we here the word Mindanao it is always related to bombings and Abu Sayyaf. We even find the Pacman funny when he speaks English. Racism is everywhere. Racism is in Saudi and racism in definitely in the ICU. Beware:you will see a lot racism in the paragraphs that will follow, pardon me in advance.

The other when I went to the hospital to help with our bulletin project and glamour gloves I was wearing my white slippers. Slippers. And that racist black doctor told me, “Why are you wearing that?” pointing to my slippers. “I’m only wearing that in the bathroom. And my reply goes, “Really? In the Philippines doctor we are wearing slippers in the mall.” Then he laughed and of course the bitchy girl that I am, I cursed in Tagalog since I can’t answer him in a bitchy way in English. So here’s the proposed convo if I haven’t been kind to him.

Doctor: Why are you wearing that slippers. I’m only wearing that in the bathroom.

Bitch Me: Oh! You must be rich. Are wearing leather shoes in your sleep too? Or maybe you are just wearing this in the bathroom and do nothing since you stink all the time? Am I right? How did you become a doctor and not even care about your own hygiene? Do you even know that you can give infection to the patient just by not taking a bath? And oh, is Sudan so poor that you can’t take a bath even once a day? Remember the other day when you told me not to give bath to the patient because she is feeling cold? Haven’t you read her chart or are you even assessing the patient? That patient has septic arthritis and her lower leg is necrotic and you tell me not to give bath just because she is feels cold? You crap, your patients don’t control you doc. You do what’s best for your patient, you encourage them to take a bath since that is one way to prevent further infection which your patient already has as evidenced by the Strep. Pyogenes in her wound and blood, fever, increased WBC and neutrophils. So you don’t get to tell not to take a bath because if fucking cold when you can turn off the AC and provide a blanket to cover the body when bathing. Don’t treat them like you treat yourself by not bathing because these people are different from you. And as a doctor you should encourage them. Have you seen her neck or her nape? Maybe no, that is why you tell its ok not to have a bath. Eeeewww.

Sometimes the ICU we have boring patients. And that time we can chat all night and debate on things. So here was one of our conversations. Or mostly theirs because I was busy writing in my chart and raising my eyebrows and cursing this doctor in my mind. If I could just crucio him that time.

Doctor: Sister if you will marry you should just stay home and take care of the children. Cook for your husband. Your husband will just give you money.

Filipino: What? Then kalas (tapos!) no need to marry. You can just hire a maid to cook for your husband.

Doctor: No, because this is what women do. They take care of everything. When you get home they cook food for you, they take care of the kids…blahblah That is how they show love.

Filipino: Really doctor? If you love each other you should help one another. Its like you are treating your wife as a maid, you only married her so that someone will cook for you. We’ll divorce if you are the person I married. (OH SNAP!)

What the conversation had been if I was that Filipino girl.

Doctor:Sister if you will marry you should just stay home and take care of the children. Cook for your husband. Your husband will just give you money.

Bitch Me: Doctor, if I will marry I marry because I love that person and I am willing to be with him through thick and thin. Yes, I will cook for him and take care of the kids, but those are shared responsibilities. If he married me because he just wants a cook and yaya, better yet we’ll divorce and he can hire a cook, yaya and an escort if you know what I mean. You marry not because your parents are asking you to marry or you are getting old and you need to have a kid, you marry because you love that person and you are willing to spend the rest of your life with that person. You doctor, why did you marry. Oh I forgot, you “buy” girls so they marry you. Moreover, they are forced to marry you. And you tell me there is freedom in your religion? (Oh well talk more about that when I have more time to rant.)

Why can’t you just shut up? Why do you need to know if all the girls have boyfriends or are they married or engaged? And why do you care what we wear? It started with the slippers and the argument will always be the same and it will go on forever. I wish I could be writing about your religion vs my religion time when you piss me off again.

I am now a racist. People will hate me.

Just Me. For Now.