When Liberty finally kissed Lady Justice

“You don’t have to be gay to support gay marriage. You just have to be human.”-Daniel Radcliffe, Actor who plays the role Harry Potter.

When I woke up this morning and opened my Tumblr account, I learned that NY governor finally signed the bill for gay marriage. I’ve seen people (not only the gay couples) protesting in the streets for equality and marriage for every couple. I’ve seen celebrity tweets asking for equality from Sophia Bush, Tyra Banks, Naya Rivera, Lady Gaga and many who support gay and lesbians. They finally did it. One of my favorite actors Neil Patrick Harris is gay, a day before that he twitted that he wants to get married (with his partner David Burtka) and that signing the bill means a lot to him and his family. I am wondering how happy he is right now. As people on Tumblr told, Neil’s wedding is gonna be the next Royal Wedding.

I stand for gay marriage like I stand for the RH bill. I do believe in equal rights to every one who are in love. Why don’t we give them what they want? We can’t give the happiness they have right now and all we have to do is not to judge them but be happy for them. I guess we are all created in God’s image and likeness and that God loves every one even gay people. So to all the gays out there! Congratulations and stay happy. Santana is so0o happy right now.


PS. if u search gay in Google a rainbow appears on the side of the search bar, same with lesbian. Google supports!
Just Me. For Now.

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