Of Korean Dramas

Lately, I’ve been addicted to Korean dramas. I think the last drama I watch was Green Rose way before ABS-CBN released their own version. Or maybe Witch Yoo Rin. I totally forgot. We were in our senior year in high school when the hype of Asian dramas started. I remember the days of Meteor Garden and F4, it was so popular that even my professor in Psychology gave out F4 bookmarks. BTW, I was a Dao Ming Si fan. I remember also discussing the Asian drama fuss with our Philosophy (oh, yes! akalain mong interested pala ang pilosopo dito) professor Mr. Cabral. Stuck up ka dun sa class tapos biglang hihirit ng….”Alam niyo kung bakit sikat si Dao Ming Si…” And I tried so hard to memorize “Oh baby baby”=)) (I miss you Jing!)

I got addicted again because the site where I was watching English TV series is under construction, most of the embedded videos are not working. I watched Lie To Me first. It was good and funny.

Wala ng cherry blossoms! Namatay na sila.:((

Then I chose City Hunter which stars Lee Min Ho. I remember him from Boys Over Flower (but I never got to watch even an episode of it because I just think the original Meteor Garden is way better.) And I only noticed how handsome he really is now. Kaya pala ang daming nahuhumaling sa kanya. I guess his role in City Hunter made him a better actor. And the story is great as well. I just watched the 19th episode hours ago. Sadness it is for the prosecutor. And seeing the spoilers for the final episode in my Tumblr dashboard makes me even sadder.:((

BTW, blazers have never been this HAWT until Lee Min Ho wore it.

Then I started to watch Secret Garden as recommended by Chester (You see, even my guy friends watch Korean dramas.lol) which has btw, one of the most amazing storylines, romantic scenes, awesome lines from the actors (if only I can understand Korean without the English subtitle) and the best house I’ve seen in all Korean dramas. I was about to quit watching it when I learned that there was a fantasy theme in the story, but the actors Hyun Bin and Ha Ji-won made a really good impression. Even the supporting cast is great.  So, I recommend Secret Garden if you are planning to watch KDrama. At sino ang hindi kikiligin sa kanilang sit up scene?? PLUS, sparkling track suits and boxers have never been this HAWT until Hyun Bin wore it.

At sinong hindi kikiligin sa scene na ito….lalo na kung nangyari sa totoong buhay mo?? (Halu X…ray)

I’m still watching Personal Taste at the moment and maybe next in line is You’re Beautiful. Let’s see if I can push thru because I re-started watching Bones again because the website is working. Teehee!

Anyway, I remember one conversation with my friend when he told me, “America can never make wonderful remakes from Asian dramas. Asian movies are just great, there is nothing to compare.” See what happened to My Sassy Girl and The Lake House or worse Dragon Ballz. I’m proud to be Asian.  I hope Philippines can have their version of Meteor Garden already starring Sarah Geronimo or Maja Salvador. Hear me Channel 2 papatalo ba tayo?

Nga pala, good luck sa Azkals at Smart Gilas! Wala lang GO TEAM PHILIPPINES.

Just Me. For Now.