When 9 months feels like a century

Its 9 more months before I go home and feels like I’ve been waiting for centuries every single day. I’m totally bored. I’ve watched every Korean drama I know of. I’ve slept on my off duty days. I’ve eaten practically anything even if I’m not yet hungry. This life is getting boring.:( This life is boreDAMN already. The other day Kim invited us to go with her to Al-Khobar but I was too lazy. Mamai even put me and Jenny on call but we didn’t go. I don’t know, I preferred watching Fugitive: Plan B rather than exploring Saudi Arabia during the holiday. I thought for a while and said to myself, “What will I see in Khobar that is I can’t see in Riyadh?” No roaming mottawas for sure. Maybe more date trees? I’ll see sand along the way for sure but will the sand be different from the ones in Red Sand? Hmmm…Arabia is boring. There is not a decent beach, or a mountain with trees, or a lake or even a mall where you can wear what you want without the abaya. Hay…ang lungkot ng life dito. I miss my country already. Maybe if I were in the Philippines today and its a holiday, I’m probably out with my friends for a jog, or at the mall for movies or the beach just staring at horizon.

Its 9 more months and it feels like its getting longer every time I look at my phone’s calendar. Last year, I was actually planning to renew my contract but then I realized, I don’t want this life. I want some freedom. I can’t live for another two years not able to wear my hair down, or having to wear abaya every time you go out of your flat, or not able to go out alone. Its like worse than being a monk.

So I was blog hopping yesterday and found this quote from Spencer Reid.

I thought for a while then asked my self, “What do I really love?” I have three things in mind. But for sure nursing is not on the list. I am so confused.tsktsk

Mahaba pa ang daan

BTW, I finished watching Fugitive:Plan B this morning. I recommend it for those who love action dramas andwho love Rain. There is not a single dull scene. Rain is soo0o funny. Its like a Jackie Chan movie turned into TV series. Plus, I love the soundtrack especially this version of Gloria (In Excelsis Deo). Two thumbs up.

Just Me. For Now.