Life Lately

Over the last five months I’ve been busy helping the Critical Care Team in the Quality Management Department of our hospital. The last two weeks before the mock survey for Accreditation Canada had been really tedious. Everything was in chaos (Oh well, not really.) We prepared 5 ethics related policies, completed the ICU-CCU dashboard that our nurse manager left, prepared the ICU-CCU (made it look good if that’s the term), made performance improvement reports on our bundles of care, educated the staff on the new policies, scheduled unit specific educations, made physician skills competency (yes, we even covered that, thanks to our CMO and the unit director my brain totally shrinked coz I’m not a physician doc!) and many others which I forgot to recall since I guess now I’m having a selective amnesia. In short, I was so busy I didn’t even get out to go to the mall or buy groceries. The two weeks was really stressful. Yes, I’m complaining or so I was. But after the surveyors came and the mock survey assessment did good, I felt satisfied and relieved and eager to get my overtime pay (that is if I have any.)

During that first week, Chanin, Tin and I were scheduled to have a dinner date. But as expected, schedules were changed and Tin can’t go out except on Fridays and she can’t go out now because last Ramadan some of her colleagues got caught by the religious police. Uhmm…so that left me and Chanin.

I haven’t seen Chanin since last year. I was eager to see her too since we’ve been planning this pig out for months but our schedules can’t just meet up. I’ve been craving for Chinese food since I came in Saudi and The Noodle House was Chanin’s first choice. I don’t know any good restos here so I let her decide where to eat.  Chanin took me to Centria Mall somewhere in Olaya and we ate at The Noodle House. It is a fine dining restaurant catering to mostly Asian cuisine. She is friends with Chef Isko because she’s been a regular in the resto. We received a really warm welcome from the waiters who were all Filipinos and thanks so much for the complimentary food. (So this is why she told me not to order too many because there’ll be free food. SSSssshhh)

She ordered Wasabi Prawns for appetizer and Terriyaki Beef Tenderloin and Yang Chow rice.

Wasabi Prawns

The chef gave us a complimentary Spicy Lemongrass Crab Cakes, Bakmi Goreng, Fried Ice Cream and Mango Pudding. We ordered less and received

Yang Chow rice, Beef terriyaki and Bakmi Goreng

I love the appetizers, the Wasabi Prawns is not too wasabi-ish (but its ok since I’m not a fan of wasabi sauce.) The Terriyaki Beef was tender but it lacks the terriyaki taste. Nothing was special with the Yang Chow rice and Bakmi Goreng (Di ba dapat spicy rin?) but the Mango Pudding had it all, the right kind of sweetness, its like eating pure mango from Mom’s farm plus the texture in your mouth if paired with the ice cream on the side.

Mango pudding and Fried Ice Cream

I’ve heard of fried ice creams in the Philippines before but it was my first time to eat one in Riyadh. It was good considering its my first time although the ice cream melted already. Chef was actually insisting to serve it before he leaves home, but we were too caught up in our stories that we asked the waiters to serve it later.

Chanin is my batchmate in college. We never really talked in school but when we got here, Tin our common friend introduced us. We became good friends since then.:) We went out early and talked about soo0oo many things about work. The “first time” moments we had, the hospitals we worked on, the horrible patients, the toxic duties, etc. I learned that she handles 7 patients. I really think I’m lucky when she told me this. I handle 1-2 patients in the ICU, when I’m pulled out to the floor I handle a maximum of 4. It was great knowing that you are luckier when it comes to some things and its not valid to complain.:)) She told me how she is now a responsible adult since she can now wash and press her clothes. I laughed so hard because the Chanin I knew left everything to her parents. “Maging proud ka sa akin bakla!” she said. I am. I wish Tin was there too. She told stories of the IRs she made and how hard it is to turn patients. I told her she’ll get used to it and one day we’ll have lower back pains if we continue to do this job.:))

...and the crew

The night was fun and loud. I wish we could do it again with Tin or maybe with Kester (we have been making kulit to him since after the dinner so he can join us too.) And we are also planning on having a class reunion in Riyadh. Hopefully it’ll happen before I leave the country.

Just Me. For Now.