Rants at 2am

I’m on call tonight. So far, no calls at 12am. So that means (most likely)  I’m off.:)

1. I am reading the first book of A Song of Fire and Ice: A Game of Thrones by George Martin. I learned about the book in Tumblr. (This site introduced to me to almost every thing already.) So far, I’ve been flipping the pages with excitement.:) I think the TV series gave justice to the book.:P

2. I’m listening to Kpop. A year ago, I hated any music I couldn’t understand. But then I heard a French music from the 500 days of Summer soundtrack. I loved it. I discovered Japanese music from my cousin’s wedding, I learned to love BoA. Then recently, Secret Garden parodies lead me to BigBang, now I’m a Kpop fan. Deal with it. I like Thai too, I used to love Chinese but I guess I’d settle for Kpop since I understand more of the Korean language (prolly due to watching too much Korean dramas).

3. I’m also chatting with Fritz. My all time favorite fan.lolz

4. My twitter timeline says that Chris Tiu has new blog? I think its new though. BTW, Chris you were the inspiration to my blog.:))My blog is named after u.

5. Baek Ji Young has an awesome voice. I wish I can steal it. Taeyang is my BigBang bias. He dances like Gio and he looks like the kuya.:D

6. I’m on page 37 of the book.

7. When I bought the book series, I was planning to buy only the first book but I saw a box set and took it. I was supposed to buy the third installment for Stieg Larson’s Millenium Series because I saw the American trailer the other day. I watched the Swedish movie but I think the American version is good too. I hope it doesn’t turn out to be like an Asian movie wannabe ala Dragon Ball Z or My Sassy Girl.

This is me ranting at two in the morning.