The Bro Code

One person I couldn’t resist would be my brother. You know those moments when he makes pa-cute because he wants something from you. I guess it started when I went to college and he was left in Ilocos. We were not those siblings who “love” each other, we were always arguing/fighting/wrestling. We’re more like enemies. But when we started to live apart, we became closer, much closer when we lived together on our own in one house. Of course we have our numerous I-can’t-deal-with-you or Why-are-you-even-my-sibling moments but well, we survived it all. I think my brother is the sweetest in the family. I guess its why mom would always forgive him for the mistakes he did.

Yesterday, my brother sent me a message in Facebook that he received the box already. Its been more than a month since I sent it and voila! It finally reached home. The weather sucks big time and the hold up took over 10 days. I forgot what was inside the box except for the shoes which he requested and the boxes of chocolates. His reaction made me really happy. He was like opening a big box in  an evacuation center full of noodles, bags of rice and sardines. The box is just in time because Pedring left the country though there were no rice nor sardines.

What cracked me up this morning was the early message in Facebook,

Ron: “Oi ung sunflower oil cooking oil ba un?”

I remember I sent the cans of cooking oil because I stopped cooking.

Me: Ay hindi nilalaklak yun.=))

Then I remember his status a week ago.

Ron: “Naligaw sa da fort w/ Ej anda. Mga tga bundok kasi.hahahaha!”

He is soo0oo funny. I laughed so hard my room mate is looking at me again saying, “Tumatawa ka na naman mag-isa.” I realized I haven’t been to the Fort with him, or maybe did I once? I forgot. This made me even more excited to go home and just travel with my little brother and buy all kinds of cooking oil for him.

Then early this evening I asked him how was the cooking oil.

The Cooking Oil Convo

The Cooking Oil Convo 2

This is how I miss my brother. I’m bitching already.=)) He makes my life a lot funnier and more carefree. When I get home I promise to buy him all kinds of cooking oil and to go to places other than the Fort.

BTW, he shares jokes almost every time we chat. Here’s one of the funniest.

This is an old joke but it cracks me up every time

BTW, he asked me about opening a bank account. I am proud of him. May ipon na siya infairness. Actually nagbebenta daw siya ng mga characters niya sa Cabal (an online game). Who wants to buy? Send me an email. (O ayan, free promotion ka tae.:P may lagay ako ha.:)

I miss you Ron! Let’s explore The Fort when I get home as long as you drive. We’ll eat in all the restaurants and discover that there’s other brands of cooking oil other than Classe.:D

Just Me. For Now.