The Contract

I just feel like blogging today. I might end up publishing this one if STC cooperates right after I finish it. Today, we had our “refresher” education in the auditorium  Nursing Training and Education office with Mommy Lolit. I remember my first day in this room. I was so excited and nervous and eager to learn something new from the hospital, from the country and from the people I might be dealing with.

The main idea that came to mind this morning was when the educators kept asking Jethro if he will go for exit or not after his contract ends. I knew Jet is planning not to sign another contract (for whatever reason, but it most definitely not because he has a love life in the Philippines, or am I just guessing?) I just knew Jet will not sign another contract. Period.

As for me, for the last 16 months working in our hospital I’d love to sign another contract. BUT I’d love to go home and spend a year with my family too, I’d love to bum around and just travel and eat and write about it. At one point in time, or maybe more I decided I don’t want to be a nurse anymore. Or more like be an employee anymore. (Dream much?!) I realized that being an employee is exhausting (especially those days when I was working in QI). I wake up early, go to work, eat lunch, go home after a hard day’s work, take a bath and sleep. Imagine, every single day I get to do this routine except on day offs which made me think really hard, “Do I want to be an employee for the rest of my life. I bet not. I’m literally missing out the bucket list I made like 2 or 3 years ago, I think I haven’t accomplished most of those in the list. I wish I had my “7 Dreams List with me” so I can assess my life now. So when they ask if I’ll sign another contract, I’ll say “Probably.” As of the moment, I decided not to but there are 8 more months before my contract ends in May. It is hard to decide now, some things may happen or some things may not happen.

When I complain about these stuff to my brother,  he would always tell me to come home after the contract and start a business. Then together we’ll think of a biz and he would say, “Wag yun. Konti lang kita dun.” Then he will propose another biz and I will tell him, “Wag yun. Malaki kapital dun.” Funny. We can’t decide which is which. But I hope I can earn as much when I get home so I can start a biz if ever I’m not going to sign another contract. I have a lot of ideas in mind already, like countries to go to if ever I’ll get tired of Saudi Arabia, a different career maybe. Let’s see what happens. But as for the moment, I’ll enjoy the work I have now (though sometimes they treat me as a slave. chos!) afterall it was what I wished for two years ago, to get a job, buy what I want, eat what I want and go wherever I want to go.

with Mommy Lolit during our orientation 16 months ago

Just Me.

For Now.

P.S. I didn’t know Kuya Archie was my batchmate. Is that Alex with us? OMG. I love this group I was hoping my kapatid na Joel is in the pic too.