Here’s to being World Leaders in Health Care

Last October 11 and 12 I was privileged to attend the 27th Annual Nursing Symposium in King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital.  We were sponsored by some company (I’m sorry I didn’t get the name, but thanks to their representative Ahmed for being so accommodating during the registration).

venue for the symposium

A day before the symposium, I came from an admin duty but I wasn’t able to sleep early because I had online business meetings with my partners (meganun?!) and I had to wake up early to cook for Jenny’s miki soup. (I was planning to take a snapshot but wasn’t able to again, because Miss Campbell’s secretary was calling me to go down to the ER because our car is ready.)We waited for a while for Orpha, the representative from ER since she came from night duty but finally decided to go and the driver will come back and get her. So off we went and Miss Campbell (as usual) shared stories along the way. She’s really a people’s person and I love that about her.

Its my second time in KKESH, the first one was when our basketball team had a game in their court. I never realized KKESH was that big until I’ve seen the main building with the fountains ala UST in front. (But I think UST and MarketMarket! has better fountains though.)


So the first hour of the symposium was boring. It started with a prayer then some introductions then came the awarding of certificates (which was my first time to witness since in the Philippines we have the awarding ceremony at the end of each symposium or after a speech if the speaker is in a hurry.) Then the first speaker Mr. Ben Thomson started and talked about communication then came Mr. Thomas Martz and talked about the International Patient Safety Goals which is equal to our hospital’s Required Operating Procedures (ROPs) and evidence based practice. Mr. Martz is the Assistant Director of Nursing in KKESH andKKESH is a JCI accredited hospital. According to Miss Campbell, “We are on the right track.” since we have more patient safety goals/program. We just have to really implement them strictly.

Then came one of my favorite speakers (not because he’s a Filipino, because there were other Filipino speakers who aren’t that interesting) Mr. Arthur Cantos. Sir Arthur started with a story in the airport (It was his first time in Saudi.) while he was in the immigration line and how he used critical thinking (which was his topic). We had the same experience. The immigration line is really very long. Thank God during our arrival here we have Kuya Edwin who’s a re-entry employee of our hospital so he guided us. I never expected I’d listen to the critical thinking speaker, but the delivery of his speech was beyond amazing that the audience isinteracting with him. I think he’s the best speaker from the group. (Note to speakers: Even though your topic is boring or your speech is to be delivered during the holy hour where every one’s melatonin are overly active, the delivery of your speech makes a BIG difference.)

with Mr. Arthur Cantos

After Mr. Cantos’ speech, I was alive again. I held my bladder so as not to miss one word he said.:) The other speakers who was from MOH talked about how to improve nursing quality in the Kingdom by integrating in the new nurses the culture of the Kingdom (was that it? OMG, I and the last one before our lunch was about Evidence Based Practice. The topic would’ve been interesting and educational for me since I’ve been working in the QI, but I think I forgot almost every thing she said except for PICO and the Rosswurm and Larrabee model for EBP (which I have to research further).

Lunch: I was disappointed because not everyone got a chance (including us) to eat everything. I mean, the food was not enough for everyone. When we got there the left overs are left for us.*insert sad and angry face here* Good thing, there was one staff of KKESH who talked us out, was very friendly and accommodating that I forgot my hunger and hatred (just kidding) and told us to write it in the evaluation for so that they can improve for next year’s symposium. To compensate for the lack of main course/entree, the desserts are the best.:) And we took home fruits.Nyahahaha (bayad naman ng sponsor kaya ok lang.:D)

After the lunch, it started again with Mr. Martz’ talk. From this talk I learned a new thing about Noureddine, it was my first time to hear about her. I laughed on the “bowel sounds” because I was guilty of not listening to ask bowel sounds anymore especially after a post op procedure. Who else does? All I do is ask if the patient passed gas or flatus. “All skills are based in theory.” Which made me think again of how can my JaiHo nurses think that only skills matter. ( I write  rant about this some other time)

Then another topic on SBAR with Mr. Arthur Cantos. It was nothing new to me, since we have been using SBAR in the hospital but as usual, the delivery was so great and every second of it was not boring. I realized that even in the TV series Band of Brothers, they are reporting in SBAR too although I never realized it was SBAR until now.

The most helpful topic for me was Mr. Brent Foreman’s discussion on Data Utilization to Improve Patient Outcomes. His slides were mostly just pictures and graphs, no lengthy words but it was informative. I’m a visual learner and just by seeing the line graphs and the “status quo—>world leader* picture I’ve learned a lot. His voice was good adding to a plus point to the delivery of the message. Plus, he was willing to share data from King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center  for benchmarking so I took his card and I’ll email him on Monday. And he invited to attend the “meeting” for their quality improvement bruhahas. I’d love my VAP rate to decrease this quarter and I’m looking forward to that meeting.

The last speaker for that day was an assistant professor in King Saud University and presented us on how they compute the competency for their nursing students.

I will talk more about the day 2 on my next blog since this is too long already.

BTW, here’s a contact details of Mr. Arthur Cantos. He is the president and CEO of Bayani Nurse Center. They send nurses to UAE and USA. You might be interested.

website: Bayani Nurse Center


contact numbers: 8936567. 09179015621. 09198240118.

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Full Disclosure: I am not paid to promote Bayani Nurse Center nor talk about positively for Mr.Arthur Cantos. The contents of this blog article is solely based on my experience. I met Mr. Cantos is the said symposium. Opinions written in this blog article is only by the author and not from the KKESH management or symposium organizers. You can email me if you have questions.