My Hair Drama

Today I finally got time and got someone to cut my hair. I was excited because I’ve been scheduled since yesterday and was too eager to see the new look with the new ‘do.

But after maybe 15 minutes of chika while Archie was cutting my hair, I was l ike, I miss my lo00ong hair!!!

It's not Tangled anymore...=(

Natawa naman ako sa mukha ko sa pic.=))

Or maybe I just didn’t want the cut. I was expecting a really nice V-shape on my back it turned out a little straight. Now I’m thinking of getting my hair cut done in the salon and maybe put some bangs because I look too dull. I am really not over the fact that for the longest time in my life I had my hair as long as my waist level…Oh Rapunzel how I miss my hair.:(

Just Me. For Now. Di pa rin maka-get over.