The Bro Code:Of Foreign Language and Music

Anyhow, the other week I was bored and was chatting in FB with my brother. The conversation started with the news that I was happy that Big Bang won at the MTV EMA’s and he told me “Anung pakialam ko dun?” to which I answered, “Wala gusto ko lang ipaalam.” Then it started with the korean phrase “Pabo/Babo Cheorom”  which means like a fool and he complained that I was bugging him. Then….


It was fun learning a foreign language. In college, it was mandatory to take up Mandarin Chinese. The teachers explained then that we need to learn to speak Chinese since there are Chinese every where. It was fun at first because it was new and at that time it was the F4 era. I guess part of the excitement is being able to understand some of the phrases when they speak Mandarin in Chinovelas. I was wrong. When a Chinese speaks and you are a beginner, they talk really fast. Believe me, I wouldn’t understand a single word. It was fun writing the characters too. But one wrong stroke means another character. Yes, ganun kahirap. Plus there are steps on how you write it (same with Korean I guess).

What led me to blogging this convo was the Chiquitita part from my brother. I don’t know to you but to me its funny. It was actually my masterpiece. My mom asked me to play it during a recital because it was one of her favorites. Oh and La Comparsita too. I listened to it recently after watching Scent of a Woman. My brother’s masterpiece was Ballade Pour Adeline (mas sosyal, imagine a Japanese kid here playing the piano gracefully, parang ganun ang level niya.haha)

I remembered the days when we were on stage during recitals and mom was there in front of the video (Yes, the parents are required to sit in front near the stage while we were playing and they will videotape their proud of her kids.:) I missed playing the organ too. I can still read notes but I don’t get to play anymore. I forgot the I missed our music teacher too. His reactions, his hair and the way he conducts(see Ilokano convo on the last pic). Childhood years… I wish I can go back.

Now, I’m imagining my brother doing the Italian accent! Perfecto! (with matching boussa(Arabic:kiss) ala chef!) Do you have a foreign language you wish you can be really fluent in it other than English? Share. Its fun learning a new language plus as I’ve said to my brother, “You will need it to interact especially if you are in a foreign country and you don’t have a translator.”

Bucket List: Learn how to write and speak Korean. (Korea here I come! 2013?)

Just Me. For Now.