2011 Highlights by the girl

1. January is heartbreak month for Ren. Oh wait I think for the whole year.:)) and I had a pseudo boyfriend. Thanks mucho Alex.
2. February was in heat during Egypt’s war to oust their president. And I’m still waiting for my Ted Mosby.
3. March is the discovery of new music. Too busy to blog.
4. April is another too-busy-to-blog month.
5. May I found my doppelganger.
6. June is the Game of Thrones era. The cast should thank me, the whole hospital loves them now.:D
7. July is the balik-loob-sa-korean-dramas month which I think until now.
8. August is the korean drama month. I love korean dramas.
9. September is the start of the Bro Code series and this-is-going-to-be-a-busy-year month because of the accreditation. Oh wait how come I have more posts here than August?
10. October is the new hairdo month plus going to other hospitals for seminar. I still didn’t have finish the part of the seminar as promised. Excuse:Too busy to blog.=))
11. November is a sequel of the Bro Code. Too many tiutiubells with the bro.
12. Really I have a post for December?

According to WordPress’ year end report, I only have 30 posts for this year. I quite sad that I didn’t have enough time to blog (because I was really busy and my internet connection still sucks. I’d definitely live in South Korea for a year -they have the fastest internet connection in the globe.) So for next year, I promise to make it double and make it more worth reading. I’d love to continue the Bro Code series. I’d prolly post the first one for 2012 this weekend. (I’m missing my brother too much that’s why.) And be prepared for more Korean dramas and Kpop stuff. And more food and travel articles by third quarter.
Someone buy me this domain for my birthday? I’d love you forever!:)

Just Me. For Now.