Overall, 2011 has been an exhausting but fruitful year for me. Career wise I stepped up to another level which I never really expected to happen at an early age. I guess I’m just so blessed that I met several people who believed in me. Although the last two months of the year made me think of giving up because of a few critics (which by the way can kiss my ass because I decided not to give up) it was also the time of the year when I get to decide for what I really wanted for 2012.

1. I will learn to have time for myself. I would do it by:

  • Reading a book in a couch while listening to the rain pouring outside the window. (which would prolly start on the third quarter of this year because the Kingdom lacks rain.)
  • Reading a book and don’t care how much time you spent drinking a grande white chocolate mocha frappe in Starbucks. (which will also prolly happen on the third quarter of this year because I have to be with someone else if I wanted drink coffee outside the hospital compound.)
  • Going to Sider and Rayuray and just immerse in the green scene. Sit on a shade and then ask myself why I didn’t do it earlier.
  • Spending a day in the beach alone. (Which is probably going to be hard unless I learn how to drive myself to the nearest beach.)
  • Washing the car when the rain is hard.
  • Cooking something new and letting my brother try the first bite.
  • Going to the salon once a month for a hair and nail pampering

2. I will learn to do what I really want and to it for the rest of my life as advised by Dr. Reid.:)

  • Attend a Writer’s Block workshop.
  • Attend an Estan Cabigas or any other photography workshop.
  • Go somewhere out of the country with my brother. (Sponsor us?)
  • Explore Palawan.

3. Sponsor a child to go to school.

4. I don’t want to spend another year or two years working in a company where your efforts are not recognized. A warm gratitude of the little or even the big things I do would be enough. Every one needs to be appreciated for all the work they do.

5. To just enjoy life and be happy. 😀

Hello there 2012.

Just Me. For Now.