10 Lessons from Mom

Mother's Day 2009

On Faith

  1. Attend mass on Sundays, its the least you could do if you are busy at work.
  2. Every night before going to bed, thank God for all your blessings and ask forgiveness.
  3. Every morning before rising from your bed, thank God that you are alive and ask for His guidance on the day ahead.

On Education

4.  Study hard. Knowledge and wisdom is the only wealth we can give you and its the only wealth that others can’t steal. “You are lucky you are studying in the best schools.” -I am.:)

5. When she scolds me that I am buying too much books, “You should be glad I’m not spending money on drugs and alcohol.” Then she just smiles and say, “Enough with CD’s only books.” (Mom! but music is life!)

On food

6. Learn how to cook.

7. “Tipirin mo na lahat, wag lang pagkain.”

8. Finish up your plate. Every grain is important for you and for the farmer who planted and harvested it.

On Money

9. Even when you get married, have a personal bank account.

On Love

10. When you love someone, do not give him your everything. If he leaves you have nothing left. Leave some love for yourself.


Just Me. For Now.