It’s really more fun in the Philippines

The Philippines’ Department of Tourism slogan “It’s more fun in the Philippines has been effective so far. The cyberworld has gone crazy making memes. It has been a trending topic in Twitter too. There have been mixed views I think mostly positive and the ones who hated it and claimed that its plagiarized “Whatever, I think it’s really more fun in the Philippines than in Switzerland.”

Three days ago I was planning to post my own version of the new slogan but suddenly my laptop crashed to which I bought a new one (which is definitely not on my budget, thanks to the friend who lent me moolah.) Anyhow, two days after it crashed I decided to have my lappy seen by an expert then when she returned the laptop to me this evening “The only problem is the charger.” WTF! I spent SR3000 for a laptop and the old one’s problem is just the charger. I started to regret the moment he handed it back to be but then I was also planning to buy a new one so it’s gonna be okay in the end. But I have to be in “tipid mode” for the next two months so I can pay for the new one. Oooohhh. I asked God for it, Thy will be done.

Back to the slogan, I made a picture of the windmills in Ilocos which is one of our major tourist attractions. But unfortunately I can’t post it right  now since I haven’t transferred my files. I’d have  a blog dedicated to it when my work in Quality Management Department is done. (I actually have the blog already but I haven’t posted it.) So for now, I’ll post the best (funny and parodies mostly) photos I’ve seen so far for the Number for Fun Campaign!

And of course, my friend Arvin’s version.:))

And for the Ilocanos out there. ACTION FILMS IS MORE FUN IN ILOCOS.

Convo with my Australian patient two days ago.

Charles: I have to been all over Asia but never been in the Philippines.

Me: You should go. It’s more fun in the Philippines. (Libre promotion. Thanks to me DOT.char)


Just Me. For Now.



*Photo credits to the respected owners.:)