Making KONY Famous

I was on call last night and while I was waiting for a call, I kept on listening to country music in YouTube.  I found out that almost all the top comments on the videos I was watching  has a KONY 2012 comment. This morning while checking out my blog I saw a freshly pressed post with another KONY 2012. This time I got curious and read this blog. After reading the blog, I checked out the documentary videos on YouTube.

In summary, the KONY is Joseph Kony of Uganda who abducts children and makes them child soldiers and sex slaves. The  co- founder of Invisible Children, Jason Russell describes in the video who Kony is and what we have to do to stop him and save the children.

STOP Kony!

Who would want these cute kids shooting people?

my cute lil nieces Kim and Mariel.:)


I don’t. Spread the word. Let’s make KONY famous.

Just Me. For Now.