Of blogging again

Seeing my twitter account today that says “website” with the link to this blog made me think and “Why the hell did I stopped blogging?” I was in hiatus for over five months. Sadly, one of the reasons is that my internet browser won’t let me save my blogs immediately. The speed is that of a snail. Secondly, I got busy with work and the love of my life. The work during the Accreditation Canada was exhausting that I had to blog just anything so that I can live up to my promise that I needed to blog more. But then I got busy with my boyfriend on the internet so I didn’t have time to blog. This is sad yet happy at the same time. He is my boyfriend after almost 3 years and I just wanted to spend most of the time with him.
So anyways, I promise to blog again. Frequently. Although the ARAMCO Accreditation is coming up, I would like to write again. Especially now that the cyber crime law is on hot seat.:)

Just Me. For Now.