About the Blog

Hello World!

Welcome to my blog. Everything in this blog are my opinion, experiences, and thoughts. Writing is my pleasure, I hope I satisfy you before clicking the X button.:)

This blog started in mid-2009 and was named after Chris Tiu the famous Ateneo basketball player who happens to be my crush. At first, I would refer this blog as my chuchubels or chika blog where I can blog about gossips not only from the entertainment world but from our own little world in Shukiya Mansion (it’s not a mansion really, its just the gay name for our house). It was mid-2009 when a lot of chuchubels came to the mansion and just really eager to blog about it. During the time this blog was created, I also have another blog with topics mostly on being a nurse/unemployed/bum and my rants about this unfair earth. I will be posting most of them here soon because I will be using the other account as a  photoblog and maybe, some of the short stories I’ll make.

And why did I not continue blogging about gossips solely you may ask and the answers would be:

1. I would like readers to read and learn about my thoughts. I’m not narcissistic, I just want to share.

2. I would like readers to hand out their opinions whether against me or not. Debate is love.:)

3. I would like readers to read mature articles, learn new adventures, share new talents and believe in their dreams. These will be the core of my blog. I would like to share my thoughts on different topics and not just on gossip and entertainment alone.

4. I am hoping that with my blog, I can help change the world, in my own little way.

Just Me. For Now.