1. Learn to eat with chopsticks.
  2. Try bungee jumping.
  3. Learn and be fluent in speaking the Korean language.
  4. Support a kid to go to school.
  5. Ride a ferry in Pasig River.
  6. Experience Banchetto and Mercato Night.
  7. Attend a creative writing workshop.
  8. Attend a photography workshop.
  9. Go to an art museum for a day and reflect.
  10. Adopt a charity.
  11. Own a library.
  12. Design my own house.
  13. Meet the members of Big Bang.
  14. Go to a John Mayer, James Blunt or Adele concert.
  15. Meet the pope.
  16. Have a beach wedding with a Greek gods theme.
  17. Drive a car alone. (This is probably the hardest.lol)
  18. Be published in a magazine or online.
  19. Learn how to bake.
  20. Attend the Festival of Lanterns in Korea.
  21. Witness a cherry blossom spring.
  22. Sing Build Me Up Buttercup in front of a live audience.
  23. Kiss while the rain pours.
  24. Skinny dipping.
  25. Dye my hair with streaks of blue.
  26. Live somewhere I haven’t been for a month.
  27. Climb a mountain.
  28. Walk in the beach under the full moon.
  29. Learn how to surf.
  30. Visit the set of Lord of the Rings in New Zealand.
  31. Go on a hot air balloon ride.
  32. Have a stranger treat me coffee.
  33. Finish a 365 Photography Challenge.
  34. Learn how to break dance.
  35. Lose 10 pounds in a month.
  36. Go to at least 75% of the places listed in Places to Visit.
  37. Experience a zipline adventure.
  38. Try cliff diving.
  39. Try white water rafting.
  40. Experience a cruise in the Pacific.
  41. Get a word tattoo.